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Will H. Jordan

Will Henry Jordan is the owner and design principal of W. H. Jordan, Architect, an architecture firm in Abilene, Texas. He is the author of "A Quantum Mechanical Theory of Architecture," an original thesis on the subject of architectural design approaches.

Jordan was born in Kerrville, Texas, the oldest of three sons born to Gary Dalvin Jordan and Nancy Elinor Tucker Jordan. His father was a master carpenter, trade school teacher, and building construction technology professor. His mother was an excellent and resourceful homemaker, and worked as a librarian for both public and private libraries.

Prior to establishing his architecture practice, Jordan served as a state survey operations Architect for Region 2-9-10 of Texas Health and Human Services (formerly DADS). Prior to his eight years in public service, Jordan worked for private architecture firms in Abilene, Fort Worth, Cleburne, Jacksonville, Beaumont, and Carlsbad (New Mexico).

Jordan holds the degree of Bachelor of Architecture from Texas Tech University, with the Design specialization. Beyond architecture, Jordan enjoys remodeling and modernizing his house, making wood lathe turnings, creating fine art paintings, practicing guitar, and vegetable gardening.


The Purpose of Architecture

Architecture has a purpose unlike all other professions and vocations. Architecture considers the specific Time of a Place, and creatively solves for problems involving Occupancy and Use of that Place.

Architecture describes How the built environment should be built, in order to facilitate the mission and purpose of Who, What, When, Where, and Why. Architecture is a collection of Design Responses, consciously and artfully arranged by an Architect, to create a meaningful place of human occupancy.

As opposed to houses or buildings that were "built to spec" for profit at the lowest possible cost, works of Architecture are brought into being to have [unspoken] dialogue with the end user, and cost is relative to the funding capacity.

Architecture (unlike general construction and engineering works) is a publically scrutinized object on the landscape, and thus subject to positive or negative criticism-- by either the end user, the uninvolved critic, or both. People who cannot take criticism simply don't have what it takes to practice architecture.

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Handyman Services

The Unlicensed Vocation

The Handyman is basically a seasonal laborer, who does what a homeowner or building owner could do.

In cases where a licensed trade or building permit is NOT required, the homeowner, building owner, or their Handyman is at liberty to perform maintenance, repairs, replacements, updates, and upgrades on a residential or commercial property.

The most common Handyman services involve either the removal and replacement of something that is currently undesireable, or the installation of something that is now desired.

ClickHEREto see examples of my handyman work.

Lathe Turnings

Industrial Art With Purpose

Lathe turnings-- like other works of industrial art-- are functional and beautiful man-made objects, and are considered furnishings for the home or office. Lathe turnings are high-quality furnishings.

Also called woodturning, wood lathe turning is a creative activity that combines the need for hands-on work with the need for a sharp eye, to create a useful object that is aesthetically pleasing.

ClickHEREto see wood lathe turnings that I have made, and those that are available for purchase directly from me.


Fine Art in Two Dimensions

Paintings-- unlike illustrations and cartoons-- are NOT made for customers of products or consumers of politics.

A painting is made to describe the truth or authentic essence of a subject, in an artful manner, to a viewer who is at liberty to observe it, think about it, and develop a mental response to it. The subject of a painting could be historical (fact) or imaginary (fiction).

ClickHEREto see original paintings that I have made, and those that are available for purchase directly from me.


Hank's Cultural Reflector

Blogs posted by W. H. Jordan, on subjects relating to architecture, lathe turning, painting, and handyman services.

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For those who are interested in commissioning W. H. Jordan for architectural services, or acquiring a painting or lathe turning, AND at liberty to do these things, the following contact information is provided for your convenience:

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